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ECHOGEAR On-Wall Surge Protector with 6 Pivoting AC Outlets


When everyone is stuck at home all day together, getting all the devices safely charged is going to be an issue. You can solve this issue with the ECHOGEAR surge protector.

The ECHOGEAR Surge Protector

Universal Charging Problems

The ECHOGEAR is meant to solve a couple of problems all at once. First, you need effective surge protection so you don’t blow out your phones, computers, and other electronics. But you also need a low profile and don’t want cords everywhere.

You also need a solution that allows you to plug in everything at once, but with the weird shapes on the charging boxes that come with some electronics, this can be a real pain. How many times have you pulled out your normal power strip and found you could only use two of the four slots because someone’s connection point was so wide it encroached on surrounding slots?

The ECHOGEAR Solution

You won’t have any of these issues with the ECHOGEAR. It’s rated to 1080 joules of surge protection, which is enough to handle just about any strike, sag, spike, or surge. If there is a huge power spike, the fire-proof MOV design will help keep your house from burning down. It also has EMI/RFI filtering so your power is constantly clean and healthy.

But the best part about this isn’t the surge protection, as important as that is. It’s the amazing pivoting outlets. The ECHOGEAR comes with six outlets that all swivel 90 degrees in any direction, so there’s no reason you can’t plug in absolutely everything. And since it’s all one slimline box that fits right into the outlet directly, you don’t have an ugly cord running from the outlet to your favorite hiding spot under the table anymore.

How It Performs

Yes, it performs. The light comes on, which indicates it’s protecting you. It’s not easy to test that protection without deliberately generating a surge, but the company has a good reputation in this respect. And it really performs in getting everyone plugged in at the same time.

About the only problem you could run into is that you might have to dust off your Tetris skills just a bit if you have six oddly shaped devices to plug in. It takes a couple tries to fully get the hang of which outlet to twist in what direction and which box to stick where to make full use of it.

Of course, the downside of a surge protection outlet that sits right on the wall is that you’ll need to be near that outlet to keep using your device while it’s charging. If you have a device with a short charging cord, not having a power strip you can drag around behind you might be less convenient, depending on your charging habits.

Stop Fighting With Your Roommates

These are difficult times, and the last thing you need is everyone in the house fighting over who gets to plug in. Make room for everyone with the ECHOGEAR, and then check out NextInGifts for more ideas to make your life easier.